Grensesvingen 7 to be a model project in FutureBuilt

Oslo Areal has entered into an agreement with FutureBuilt for the renovation of Grensesvingen 7 at Helsfyr. The agreement was signed by Managing Director Mona Ingebrigtsen of Oslo Areal, Programme Manager Birgit Rusten of FutureBuilt and Ellen de Vibe, Chief Town Planner at the Planning and Building Services Agency. Grensesvingen 7 is a transformation of an existing office building, with ambitious environmental targets. FutureBuilt requires a minimum reduction of 50 per cent in greenhouse gas emissions from transport, and energy and materials consumption. This must be documented in greenhouse gas emissions accounts. The model project shall also be of high architectural quality and contribute to a good urban environment.

Excellent building

In addition to FutureBuilt’s quality criteria, the project shall also meet the requirements for energy class A and achieve the ‘Excellent’ grade in the BREEAM-NOR classification system. Norwegian Green Building Council, which manages the BREEAM-NOR classification system in Norway, is not aware of any previous lease agreements that stipulate such high environmental standards for an existing building.

Moving in 2014

The Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency will be one of the lessees in the newly-renovated office building. The project comprises almost 22,000 sq. m and is scheduled for completion in 2014. KIMA arkitektur AS is the architect for the transformation of the building.

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